We Can Help Your Business

Create and maintain competitive advantage

We have over 7 years of consultancy experience in the private and public sectors, including European programs and practices, long-term solutions, commucations in Bulgaria and abroad.


Current and future programs and instruments for gratuitous grants, normative documents, legislative framework of European Union.

Time schedule

Develop a time schedule on preparing for the project and planning for necessary resources.

Expert assessment

Evaluation of unapproved project documentations, as well as documents for preparation and execution of tender procedures.


Perform feasibility studies, including expert advice on all technical, legal, environmental, and other aspects of each project.

Tender procedures

Preparation and tendering in accordance with the requirements of the applicable legislation.

Maintain project

Preparation of the required project documentation needed to apply for a gratuitous grant and management of the project afterwards.

SINCE 2008

Voronda is helping businesses to gain and sustain a competitive advantage. We provide successive long-term solutions that match your individual needs and expectancies. We ensure an effective management of your projects.