We help your business to create and maintain competitive advantage. We provide consistent long-term solutions to suit your individual needs and expectations. We provide effective management of your projects.

In the public sector we support potential beneficiaries from Bulgaria to absorb grant programs and instruments of the European Union, accessible to our country. We participate in the preparation and implementation of successful projects in European programs and practices.

We assume that all of our entrusted projects are joint and we must share the responsibility for their preparation and implementation with our customers. For us the satisfaction of a job well done is not only in financial terms – our goal is with every won and executed project to have won at least one partner.

In the private sector we:

  • help your business to create and maintain a competitive advantage
  • provide consistent long-term solutions that meet your individual needs
  • provide effective project management, effective services to achieve the best development of your business
  • have good experience in resolving disputes and conflicts
  • can take care of your communication programs in Bulgaria and abroad
  • can help you develop your corporate identity and manage your connections with the public

To achieve these goals we:

  • maintain a rich database of data and information
  • apply modern management methods and insist on flawless execution of all activities
  • encourage continuous improvement and education of our employees
  • partner with leading European companies
  • maintain close working relationships with European organisations and institutions