The manager of Voronda is a founding member of the Public Affairs Community of Europe

Voronda is a partner with members of the Public Affairs Community of Europe.

Our work is related to the interaction with public institutions and partners who interact with public institutions. With this code, we want to give a common framework and rules, and to help employees how to do their work within the vision of the company.

Ethics code be applied by all involved of Voronda individuals and to the attention of all involved jurisdictional entities.

1. The Company complies with the principles of integrity and honesty to public servants with which it is in contact, in carrying out their activities.
2. The employees comply with those rules in their work with public officials, clients, employers, and among themselves.
3. Employees of Voronda are not allowed to use the company for information exchange, arrangements or other activities that can lead to violation of the principles of competition.
4. In carrying out its activities, interest representatives present themselves, their qualifications and interests they represent.
5. The employees guarantee to the best of their abilities that the information provided to the institutions is unbiased, complete, relevant and not misleading.
6. The employees are self-protecting themselves of obtaining information or a decision unfairly.
7. The employees may not benefit by providing information obtained from public institutions to third parties.
8. The employees may not perform acts that may affect the performance of official duties of a servant of public institution.
9. The employees may not perform acts which violate the rules and standards applicable to employees of a public institution.
10. Employees may not engage directly or indirectly, alone or on behalf of the company, in partnership or as an employer, in any activity related to the financing of politicians.
11. In interaction with employees of public institutions only allowed gifts are in the form of corporate pens, lighters, diaries, calendars, etc. up to 20 levs. If an employee has exceeded this modest norm, he is obliged to submit written reasons. An employee may not directly or indirectly offer free materials and services to their own or any other interest.
12. Violationing the decency to an employee of a public authority is a violation of professional ethics established by this code.
13. In any case of violation of the ethical code, actions will be taken.