The reputation of "Voronda" Ltd. is based on professionalism and working standards of its employees. Therefore Voronda expects all employees to act and behave in a manner that consistently meets professional organisation. For this purpose, "Voronda" Ltd. has active corporate rules and procedures. We would like all our existing and potential customers, partners, suppliers of goods and / or services and traders be aware of the policies shared in this section of the website.

Acceptance of gifts and invitations


For years it has been established the habit of giving and receiving gifts, especially around Christmas. In many ways it is better to make donations instead of gifts.
Exchanging gifts based on pure friendship and good working relationships can be interpreted incorrectly, and can be interpreted as an attempt to influence the process of decision-making.


Voronda requires all staff, as well as employees working on behalf of Voronda, not to accept gifts from suppliers, independent consultants, vendors or builders outside the structure of Voronda. This total prohibition applies regardless of at which office you work. In connection with gifts, we require the following:

  • All suppliers, vendors and partners do not offer any gifts to Voronda staff regardless of their workplace.
  • All suppliers, vendors and partners do not give gifts to our parking or other places, and do not send gifts to the home addresses of employees.
  • All suppliers, vendors and partners do not use intermediaries to give gifts on their behalf.
  • All suppliers, vendors and partners, instead of giving gifts that would normally give to employees Voronda, to make a donation of their choice or to indicated by Voronda charity.
  • All receptionists are instructed to tell everyone bearing gifts that company policy prohibits it from being accepted. They will not allow a courier to leave gifts at the reception and will say that it is not their responsibility to receive them.

In case a received a gift cannot be returned, we advise you to send it to the Administration department, who will return it or donate to charity.

Voronda's staff is allowed to accept gifts worth no more than the equivalent of 10-20 Euro, like notebooks, calendars, pens, umbrellas, mugs, and other branded goods with the logo and name of the sender.


In accordance with the policy for accepting gifts, Voronda asks suppliers, dealers and partners not to invite Voronda staff of any sporting and social events, conferences, and exhibitions outside the country in which the employee works.
Voronda requires all staff not to accept invitations from suppliers, vendors, and partners for any event outside the country, without explicit prior approval by the management of Voronda. There may be valid business reasons for adopting such an invitation and they will be taken into account.
The above does not apply to sports and social events in the country in which the employee works.
In accepting any invitations, it should be consiedered the total value of the event, as well as knowledge of the company issued the invitation.
In case the events require your absence for a longer period of time, apart from approval by the management of Voronda, requires the approval of the supervisor. This is necessary to avoid conflicts with the view of the workload. Time spent on such activities must always be deducted from annual leave.
Approval by the management of Voronda eliminate situations where an invitation is for a limited number of people, and it turns out that the invitation was accepted by more.
During the active period of work in preparation of tenders, dispute resolution, and other staff, Voronda should not accept invitations from certain suppliers, vendors or partners without approval from the management of Voronda.

Specific cases

The following specific rules are applied in all cases:

  • Employees, independent consultants, agents or representatives of this group should never offer or accept a bribe.
  • It is never acceptable giving or receiving a gift in cash at any cost.
  • Employees must not personally receive payments, commission or other in this sense from customers, suppliers or competitors that are considered as third parties.

In conclusion

Voronda inform all its suppliers, vendors and partners for this policy for accepting gifts and invitations, but its success relies on everyone. If you have doubts whether you can be compromised or not by an invitation, you should consult with a Director of Voronda.

Office policy

Anti-harassment and law violations

"Voronda" Ltd. treats people equally and fairly, with dignity and respect, without sexual, racial, ethnical, or any other prejudice. The Company is committed to ensure that the workplace is free of violence and any kind of harassment. All employees have the right to be treated with courtesy and respect. "Voronda" Ltd. does not tolerate ethics violations or breach of decency. Violations of the law, including, but not limited to, driving after consuming alcohol or other intoxicating substances, corruption, breach of privacy, even if the violation was committed outside office hours, is unacceptable. Should "Voronda" Ltd. establish any of the above circumstances, the corresponding disciplinary procedure will be applied.

Commitment to health and safety

"Voronda" Ltd. is commited to meet and provide:

  • Workplace safety
  • Safe access
  • Safe equipment
  • Social services
  • Appropriate personal protection equipment

We also organise various events related to health and safety such as:

  • Fire drill
  • Training for emergency medical care
  • Risk assessment

Health and safety of our employees

Each of us is responsible for complying with the rules that apply during our work for taking measures to prevent, both us and the rest, of an incident, accident, or dangerous conditions.

As employees at work we:

  • Are being careful, both for us and for others who may suffer as a result of our actions or negligence at work
  • We do not abuse and do not treat irresponsibly anything, that is in the interest of safety and health
  • Report any defects in the equipment and the workplace

Health and safety for our customers

We are proud of our safety rules, but believe they can be even better. We believe that our activities can be planned and executed so as to minimise the risk of accident or illness. This requires a high degree of commitment and cooperation of all participators. "Voronda" Ltd. expects all employees to play a leading role and serve as an example.