Voronda provides all necessary actions in connection with the preparation and monitoring of the implementation of projects for the utilisation of grant programs and instruments of the European Union in the country. Although there is a common framework for the preparation and implementation of projects, each project is different and we comply with this important circumstance. Our clients receive detailed information about the volume and nature of the activities that must be met in order to realise their objectives, and at each stage the participation of Voronda and the level of commitment of the team of experts is explained.

Below are summarized some of the key services Voronda offers:

  • information regarding existing and planned programs and instruments for granting financial assistance
  • information on applicable regulations and comprehensive legal framework of European Union funding
  • expert advice when choosing a program in which customers can participate according to their objectives and resources
  • develop a timetable for preparation of the project and schedule the necessary resources
  • expert assessment of project documentation developed that are not approved
  • expert evaluation of documents preparation and tendering
  • perform feasibility studies, including expert advice on all technical, legal, environmental and other aspects of each project
  • preparation and tendering in accordance with applicable legislation
  • preparation of design documentation required to apply for utilisation of grants
  • management of projects approved for grants