Once you decide what your needs are and whether you have the resources to achieve them, you must specify the program or tool that is most appropriate to choose. After stopping on the appropriate instrument, the first and most important condition is to make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria. You can do it yourself – by using publicly disseminated information about the structural instruments and programs, or by consulting experts.

Different programs are aimed at various beneficiaries and provide grant assistance for the implementation of projects in previously announced priority axes.

For each program there is a working document in Bulgarian. This working document describes the context in which the program was written; presents the process of programming; gives information about the context of European and national policy; a socio-economic analysis is published. The strategy of the corresponding program is presented, as well as a comprehensive description of the priority axes, which are leading to defining priorities.

It is important to know and understand the priority axes and objectives of each program because they are contained in the calls for proposals and your project must meet the stated priorities and objectives. Moreover, each program provides information on the distribution of funds, their management, organisation and management at the program level and project level.